Editing Services

Grammar Editing: Sentence structure, paragraph structure, scene structure, chapter structure, sentence flow, word choice, voice, style, readability, forward movement, etc.

Developmental Editing: Character development and motivation, consistency, plot structure, theme, premise, symbolism, tension, pacing, etc.

Proofreading: Light grammar editing to polish up your manuscript by catching typos and inconsistencies.

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THE APPRENTICE EDITING SPECIAL: This includes copy and line editing and developmental editing. Two-run. Proofreading suggested. $600 for up to 100,000.

GRAMMAR PACKAGE: This includes Copy and Line Editing. One-run. Proofreading encouraged. $400 for up to 100,000 words. 

DEVELOPMENTAL PACKAGE: This includes developmental editing. One run. Copy editing and proofreading encouraged. $300 for up to 100,000 words.

PROOFREADING: This includes the grammar package but with simpler polishing up, focusing on typos, inconsistencies, sentence structure, etc. $250 for up to 100,000 words.

BETA/SENSITIVITY READING: This includes reading your novel and focusing on the story as a perspective reader and analyzing your novel to spot any problems you may have in plot, character development, and readability. $150 for up to 100,000 words.

See my portfolio of work.